Sales and maintenance of SA341/SA342 gazelle helicopters

DE TRACY BV is the one stop shop for all your gazelle helicopter needs, spare parts supply and professional advise.

Complete overhaul

At DE TRACY BV, a complete overhaul means really a complete overhaul.

Everything is dismantled up to the naked body.

After that, a chemical process paint stripping procedure is applied and all skin panel seals are re-applied.

From now on, re-assembly can begin.

Finalised product

After the overhaul process is finished, a professional paint job is applied and a luxurious interior has been hand-made and installed.

An avionics package is gathered and custom wiring is done.

Rigging and flight tests are conducted until the helicopter is released for service.

Paint job

One of the most difficult decisions is the aircraft color.

But, a perfect paint job can only be achieved in a professional paint cabin with dust particle separation.

All exterior paints are water based.

Any paint scheme can be applied, this is everybody's specific choice!

Avionics, equipment and furnishing

Old obsolete avionics are replaced with brand new (mostly Garmin) avionics.

SAS or AP systems can be added and old ADF or VOR systems are mostly replaced with newer GPS receivers.

All new comms have 8,33kHz separation and the transponders are at least mode-s.


Interior finish

There are so many leather variants to choose from, important is to select one that looks really nice with the outside color.

HeliFloor mats or stitched carpets are all custom made for your aircraft.

A stitched Gazelle logo in the back is also one of the offerings.

All seat belts are renewed or re-webbed and FAA approved.

New interiors always include a burn certificate.