Specialised in SA341/SA342 Gazelle helicopter sales, maintenance and spare parts supply

We also have many Turbomeca-Safran spare parts for Astazou series engines. Also spare parts available for: SA330/SA332, AS350/AS355 and AS365 series helicopters.

Do not hesitate to contact us for parts that are not listed. Many large parts like airframes, tail booms, doors, engine and main gear box covers... are not yet in the database.

Consultancy and paperwork

Call us for pre-buyers inspections, professional advise or review of the paperwork. We also offer FAA inspections and registration of your helicopter onto the US registry.

Complete restoration

Total restoration of your helicopter up to better than new condition. Approved chemical paint stripping, component repair or overhaul, repaint of all parts, new windscreens, avionics, leather interiors…

Repair or overhaul

Repair or overhaul of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. Fuel content transmitters, torque transmitters and indicators, voltage regulators, engine start cards, SAS computer, AP computer, linear actuators, alternators...

Tools rental

All specialty gazelle tools are available for rent.

Please contact us for a detailed tools list, terms and conditions.

Special packages can be offered for MGB or MRH overhauls.

Rigging of flying controls

At C2 inspection or complete overhaul, all flying controls are reset and rigged to factory specifications so your aircraft will fly again like a new one.

Gear box and engine alignment

Gearbox to engine alignement is crucial to ensure a leak-free input or output motion from the MGB or turbine engine front carbon seal.

Tail drive train alignment

This ensures a vibration and stress free operation of the inclined shaft, intermediate gearbox, horizontal shaft and bearings, coupling shaft and tail gear box.

Blades track and balance

Main rotor track & balance is performed in hover and at several speeds up to 150kts. This ensures a comfortable ride and low stress on all the structural parts.

Parts procurement and distribution

At DE TRACY BV, Gazelle helicopter spare parts procurement and distribution is our core business. Our main concern is to understand our customer’s priorities and work to ensure the required part at best price and shortest delay so it reaches our customer as quickly and as easily as possible.